Weekend recap!

I worked 5 straight nights this week! This was the first time I have had to work nights since having Layla. It was actually not as bad as I had anticipated, minus the fact I have slept approximately 4 hours per day. I don’t know how I am still alive but somehow motherhood prepares you for anything. Prior to this week, I was so fearful that I would not get to see Layla enough because of my schedule but actually being gone while she is asleep at night allowed me to spend most of the day with her…the time I should have been sleeping ;-). Daddy had to take the load of waking up at 5:30 AM everyday…yes that is when Layla chooses to start her day every single day, so we were all pretty exhausted this weekend. Fortunately, we had no set plans this weekend, so we just relaxed. Saturday we went to Balboa Island and had some ice cream and walked around by the water. Sunday we were lazy most of the day in our PJ’s and only changed in to some sweats aka yoga attire and went to the grocery store. Otherwise we lounged around the house and played (and I did laundry of course). It was so nice to just relax a little with both of my loves.

Ice cream on Balboa IslandIMG_5970 IMG_5979

Lazy Sunday with my mini me…IMG_6024 IMG_6082 IMG_6094