When Is It OK For My Toddler To Watch TV?

elmoWe are surrounded by media…whether its TV, computers, phones, or video games, it is hard to avoid. The AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) recommends TV and other forms of media entertainment be avoided in children under the age of 2. The biggest concern is that in the first couple years of life, a childs brain is rapidly developing and they learn more by interacting as opposed to being sedentary watching the television.

Well our household made it to the age of 1, but we are still trying! Up until Layla turned one, we almost never ever had the TV on during her waking hours, but starting her first birthday, my husband really wanted her to watch cartoons with him. Since, on weekend mornings only, they watch 10 minutes together and she’s quickly over it! This morning I thought I would give it a try and let her watch Sesame Street. I figured its educational and may keep her put in one place for more than 30 seconds?!? Well she actually loved it! I think because she loves her Elmo doll and he was basically on the TV talking to her. We watched for a few minutes then quickly got side tracked with our tea party!