Lunches Around the World

slide_405630_5063818_freeI just came across this article posted in the Huffington Post comparing lunches served in schools around the world versus the US and wanted to share it with all of you. It’s so important what we feed our children. After getting pregnant, Keyvan and I really tried to change our diet at home, buying mostly (if not all) organic non-processed products. Now, especially that Layla eats everything we do, it’s even more important that we are aware of foods we have in the house. Unfortunately I can’t always control what she will eat and I try not to be too picky when we are out…I’m not going to stop her from enjoying ice cream at Disneyland or having french fries… but I do get nervous thinking how bad the food could be that she will potentially one day receive at school every single day. Just comes to show you why we are a leading country in obesity and cancer. I really hope a greater effort is taken to change the foods that are offered to our children. It is important to instill healthy eating habits in our kids from a young age.