Pregnancy Cravings

What are you craving these days in your pregnancy??? My obsession with sweets continues. I feel like its getting a bit out of control, however to my defense this last week was my vacation week so I had a lot of lunch dates and our mini trip so lots of access to ice cream and desserts!!! I finally got my hands on some Sprinkles Ice Cream yesterday…absolutely delish!!! If you haven’t heard of Sprinkles, it’s a gourmet cupcake shop that turned in to a fad throughout So-Cal. They just recently  opened an ice cream branch where they put a scoop of ice cream in the middle of your cupcake! What more could a pregos girl ask for!!! If you haven’t tried this and have a Sprinkles near you, I highly recommend it! sprinkles


20 weeks pregos!

20weekUSHow far along? 20 weeks and 4 days (OVER HALF WAY!!!)
Total weight gain/loss: Up one pound from my pregnancy weight, so total weight gain 9 pounds
Maternity clothes? Desperately need maternity pants…goal of this week after work!
Sleep: Same as last week…frequent midnight pee breaks!
Best moment this week: Feeling booger wiggle around more and registering for all the fun new things we need. I feel like finally registering is making things more real
Miss Anything? Still missing my clothes and a nice glass of wine. We went to a BBQ last night and they were having a nice rare piece of tri-tip…kinda wanted that but it was offset with a nice slice of carrot cake!
Food cravings: The sweets obsession continues
Symptoms: Enjoying the little wiggles and flutters
Looking forward to:  Planning my baby shower with my mom and friends. We confirmed the location yesterday so now only fun stuff like games and decorations are left. Now I need to choose a theme and invites!

This last week we had our second trimester screen ultrasound; this is usually scheduled anywhere between 18-22 weeks. The purpose of this ultrasound is to really look in depth at your babies growth, all the bones, heart, stomach, etc. At this point, you can see your babies hands and feet in details. Some sonographers will even point on your babies little nose. Also, if you haven’t confirmed your babies sex (that is of course if you want to know) they can do this for you during this ultrasound. Our little booger is growing exactly to date, weighing approximately 10.2 ounces and measuring about 6.5 inches which is approximately the size of a banana. 20thumbsup

19 weeks pregos!


How far along? 19 weeks and 2 days
Total weight gain/loss: I’ve officially gained all the weight I lost…which means I’ve gained about 8 pounds
Maternity clothes? YES! Well I haven’t had time to go buy any, but I officially cannot wear anything expect my loose dresses and leggings. My LuluLemon yoga pants are my to go item while not at work!
Sleep: It’s getting a little more difficult to find a comfortable position when I first get in to bed but when I’m asleep, I’m fast asleep!!! Except at least two midnight bathroom breaks!
Best moment this week: Officially feeling our little girl kick!! I really wanted my husband and I to feel her kick together or at least not be stuck at work when we feel her for the first time. Over the last week I had been feeling occasional flutters, but this week when we got back from our mini BabyMoon, I had a snack and laid flat on the couch and we both just had our hands on my stomach and felt her move! It was an amazing experience and to have him feel it too made it perfect!!!
Miss Anything: My closet…its getting harder to find something to wear when nothing fits! I need to do some serious maternity shopping!
Food cravings: Anything sweet!!! I have always LOVED ice cream and now that I am pregos I catch myself having ice cream at least two times daily!
Have you started to show yet: Big time. The photos do not do justice! I feel that I went from a pooch to a huge bump over the last few weeks.
Symptoms: Nausea and vomiting are completely resolved!!! I have a lot of reflux, but I had reflux before becoming pregnant so now it is just worse.
Looking forward to:  Registering!!! I’m asking around all my new mommy friends and doing my research on the perfect products to register for.

This week was a fun-filled week!!! We had our closest friends and family over for a small Fourth of July BBQ. The weather was amazing so we spent the entire day outside in the backyard grubbing away!!!! Here are a few pics we took and my husband and his friend mocking our weekly fruit photos!! At 19 weeks, our little one is as large as a mango measuring in at 6.0 inches long and weighing about 8.5 ounces.  fourth1fourth3



11 Weeks pregos!

11week4How far along? 11 weeks and 2 days
Total weight gain/loss: lost about a total of 8 pounds over the last several weeks, but thankfully gained two back so I’m still down 6 pounds from my prepregnancy weight

Maternity clothes? Not quite yet…with the weight loss my pants still fit, but I feel like they are getting a little snug in the waist, but loose around the thighs.
Sleep: Still sleeping like a baby…except I wake up a bit earlier now with morning sickness
Best moment this week: I had one nausea free day last week…for a whole day I thought the morning/night sickness was over!!! But boy was I wrong…
Miss Anything: Being able to cook without getting sick from all the scents in the kitchen. I love to spend time in the kitchen. Cooking dinner after work is my way of unwinding so I can’t wait to do it again.
Food cravings: Anything salty or carby…basically I live on Cheez-It’s, plain noodles, rice, and Gatorade
Have you started to show yet: My pelvic area feels a little more full…I’m not really showing but feel bloated
Symptoms: Still battling the nausea but like I said before, it’s partially reassuring because I know our baby is growing
Looking forward to:  Can’t wait to see your little booger at our 12 week ultrasound next week!

At 11 weeks, our baby is the size of a small lime or large strawberry. Our little one is about 1.6 inches long with a 1:1 head to body ratio and weighing about 0.25 ounces.11week1 11week2 11week3



9 Weeks pregos!

9week2So we finally started taking some weekly pictures…or at least we are going to attempt to take pictures every two weeks…we’ll see if our schedules let us stick to the plan! Since finding out I’m pregnant, I signed up for the’s pregnancy week-by-week application. is a great website full of pregnancy resources and has a fun link that allows you put your pregnancy due date and then they automatically sends you weekly updates on your pregnancy with details about what is going on with your pregnancy that week, what you can expect and a fruit/vegetable equivalent of the size of your baby. It’s a fun way to put things in to perspective and makes for a fun photo prop!

This week we are 9 weeks pregnant. Our baby is the size of a green grape or olive (whichever you prefer). That means our baby is 0.9 inches and weighs about .07 ounces. At this point we can say our baby is officially a fetus and no longer just an embryo. Can’t wait for the weeks to come!9week3 9week1

6 Weeks…Nausea, Nausea and more…

How far along? 6 weeks and 4 days
Total weight gain/loss: initially lost 5.3lbs over the last two weeks but have gained two over the last few days
Maternity clothes? With the weight loss my regular clothes fit even better
Sleep: Sleeping like a baby….maybe a bit too much! I fall asleep right after work and wake up 9-10 hours later to go straight to work again!
Best moment this week: Ironically the nausea…at least I know my hormones are continuing to rise which means our little booger is healthy and growing
Miss Anything: My evening glass of vino with dinner
Food cravings: Nada. Tolerating food is a challenge at this point
Have you started to show yet: Nope. Still too early
Symptoms: As I mentioned before, I still have the ongoing nausea and occasional lower abdominal cramps. The cramping is normal. As your uterus is growing, its making space in your body. Though I’m not showing, my uterus is growing so it’s pulling on my round ligaments.
Looking forward to:  Our 12 Week ultrasound!!!


(My hub made me put makeup on to take some cute pics with some pregnancy sticks and distract me from the nausea ;-))

Everything has been great so far…except for the nausea which is expected (at least for most). The nausea really takes a toll on your body. Unfortunately, again like most women, my nausea does not only come in the form of morning sickness. It actually comes in spurts throughout the day. It peaks when I wake up and then dies down a bit throughout the day and the escalates around 4PM and throughout the night. Maybe my body knows I’ll be seeing my husband in a few hours and I can milk him for all his pity ;-). Along with the nausea comes an impeccable sense of smell…whether you like it or not. Unfortunately, as a result, I cannot get within five feet of my refrigerator. The combination of smells and site of food just make my stomach go wild so I have been avoiding the kitchen at all costs which is very hard for me because I’m usually the biggest foodie and I love to cook. My husband has been so supportive. He’s stocked our fridge with sparkling water and this weekend took at the refrigerator and cleaned it all out. He basically threw everything out and scrubbed it down, but unfortunately I still can’t get near it!

Over the last week, I’ve been experimenting with different things to help the nausea. Here’s what worked and didn’t work for me.  For work, I packed little snack packs of pretzel sticks. I seem to tolerate salty a lot better than sweets. I’ve been munching on those with sparkling water throughout the day. Also fruity gum seems to work wonders! People say ginger candies help with nausea; I bought some from Mother’s Market which is an organic super market nearby, but not only did those candies not help, they made the nausea ten times worse. But that doesn’t mean it won’t work for you so give it a try. Lastly, three days ago I discovered my new found love for fruit smoothies. Jamba Juice, which makes blended fruit smoothies seems to be a great source of calories and the cool smoothie helps keep the nausea in check. What helps your nausea????? pretzels

The Real Week 5!!!

On Monday April 8th, we went back for a repeat ultrasound and finally there was a gestational sac and a yolk sac and believe it or not…a heartbeat!!!! We were shocked. The ultrasound nurse told us that probably the earliest any parent will hear their baby’s heartbeat. So though this little booger tortured us for about two weeks while we waited to confirm his/her existence, he/she surprised us with an early heartbeat!!! At this ultrasound, based on measurements of the yolk sac, they changed my due date forward one week, meaning I was back-dated from 6 weeks and 5 days to 5 weeks and 6 days based on the measurements. So that explains everything….why I only had a faint line when I took my first pregnancy test…because it was so early the test was detecting low hormone levels. Also clarifies why there was no gestational sac at the 4 week ultrasound, because I was only 3 weeks and you are not supposed to see a sac that early and lastly why my gestational sac was empty at my last ultrasound. It was all too early!!! Though I had kept close track of my periods and cycles, my cycles were still not consecutively every 28 days since being off birth control. So my estimated date of conception was actually about a week later than expected based on my last menstrual period (LMP), which threw all of my dating off. Now that we are on track, we can enjoy every second of this pregnancy to come. We are scheduled to see the OB in 4 weeks. During the first trimester, most OB’s will have you see them every 4 weeks to make sure everything stays on track. Can’t wait until our sequential ultrasound (first trimester ultrasound) on May 22nd, when I am twelve weeks along.

So far, the only pregnancy “symptoms” I’ve been having is occasional cramping in my lower abdomen, which basically feels like the cramps during your period. Most of the time, this is just the baby implanting itself in to the uterine wall. Also because of the rising hormone levels, my breasts are extremely sore. What symptoms did you have/are having in your early pregnancy days???

5 Weeks Pregnant???


Boy was that the longest weekend ever. Both my husband and I tried to put on our happy faces all weekend and act like nothing is wrong. We didn’t tell anyone anything because we had no answers and felt that there was no point to  have our family worry along with us. Finally, Monday morning came around. It was April fools day; but no one was going to fool us! We were dying for some answers. We went in for our repeat ultrasound and this time there was finally a gestational sac there!!!! gestationalsac

(Both images of my uterus with the gestational sac)

We were both so excited, but we weren’t out of the woods yet. By five weeks, that sac should be showing something in it, but my sac was empty. Thankfully, my OB is amazingly supportive and positive and she told us so far these are all good signs and we should just relax and enjoy the pregnancy from this point forward. And that is what we did. That night we went and finally told my parents! It was such a relief to finally tell my mom. I’m so used to telling my mom everything…from my deepest secrets to something stupid that happens in my day. To hold back a week of being pregnant without telling her was rough.

How we told my parents: We bought two onsies; one for grandma and one for grandpa. Thankfully it was around Persian New Year, so we told them it was a belated Persian New Year gift for them. They were both speechless. Luckily Keyvan caught it all on film so one day we can show the little booger how his/her grandparents reacted when they found out (and yes we call our little one booger…I don’t know how it caught on but we didn’t like the typical peanut so we thought whats cute, round and squishy!!!) onsie

AM I Really Pregnant???

questionmarkAbout a week before finding out I was pregnant, I was having severe sharp left sided lower abdominal pain. I didn’t think much of it. I figured I just had an ovarian cyst that was causing a lot of discomfort but because of my busy work schedule I did not have time to get it checked out. This is when I wish I knew less about medicine…the second I found out I was pregnant I got worried….could this pain be because of the pregnancy? I’m I having an ectopic pregnancy?

The day after I found out I am pregnant, I started to worry about all the things that could cause severe abdominal pain in pregnancy; including a miscarriage and an ectopic pregnancy. Later that day, Tuesday March 26th, I called my OB and explained my positive pregnancy test but with this associated left sided pain. Having similar concerns that I had, she scheduled me for a stat (right away) ultrasound and blood work. The following day, Wednesday March 27th, I went and had my blood work done (she was checking for my hCG hormone levels) and my first ultrasound. Unfortunately, the ultrasound did not show much. There was no gestational sac (the first sign of pregnancy), but thankfully there was nothing visible in my fallopian tubes concerning for an ectopic pregnancy. The fallopian tubes are the area of greatest concern for an ectopic pregnancy. After my ultrasound, my nurse practitioner told me to have a low threshold to go to the emergency room if my pain significantly worsened or if I began to bleed. My husband and I were devastated that there was nothing in my uterus. We went home and I basically cried that entire night. The following day, Thursday March 28th, we got to meet with my actual OB. That visit was a bit more reassuring. She told me my hCG level was 400, which meant I was pregnant, but it was early in the pregnancy. However, based on my last menstrual period (LMP), I was supposed to already be 4 weeks and 5 days, which in reality something, ie gestational sac should show on the ultrasound. We had a repeat ultrasound that day. Again, nothing in my uterus, but there was some signs that the wall of my uterus was beginning to get thicker, which is a sign of early pregnancy! With that being said, my husband and I were still nervous, but our hopes were up a little more. The doctor said to come back that following Monday for yet another ultrasound…

Pregnancy Test – Is a faint line considered positive?


If you read my Missed Period post, you know that I took one too many necessary pregnancy tests to confirm I was actually pregnant.  I thought I would take a quick moment to explain a positive pregnancy test and the accuracy so you do not end up spending over $50 on pregnancy test confirming one after the next like I did. A pregnancy test is made to detect your bodies level of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) horomone. This hormone is produced by your bodies fertilized egg after conception…that is after you are officially pregnant. Point being, if you are not pregnant, your body will likely not be producing this hormone. That is why, even a faint line on a pregnancy test is still considered positive. There are several reasons a pregnancy test may be faint. It could be that you are earlier than you think. New pregnancy tests are made with immense sensitivity therefore they can detect even the smallest amount of hCG in your urine. In a normal pregnancy, the level of hCG hormone should double every 48-72 hours therefore if you wait two to three days after taking a pregnancy test that is faint, it is likely that if the pregnancy is viable, your repeat test will be more solid and obvious. So lesson learned…you do not have to take six pregnancy tests to confirm that you are pregnant. That one first positive pregnancy test is all you need. If you have a positive pregnancy test, please make sure to contact your OB-Gyn/primary care physician to schedule an appointment and development of routine care. Additionally, if you are not already doing so, start those prenatal vitamins NOW!!!! Make sure they have folic acid and DHA in them. See my prenatal vitamin post on vitamin details.

Side note: if your initially pee stick is faint and your repeat tests continue to be faint then a few days later the test is completely negative, you may have had an early miscarriage. This is not uncommon at all. It is estimated that about 20-30% of pregnancies result in miscarriage. In fact, often times it occurs before you know you are even pregnant. If you think you are having or have had a miscarriage, please contact your medical professional immediately.