Pregnancy Cravings

What are you craving these days in your pregnancy??? My obsession with sweets continues. I feel like its getting a bit out of control, however to my defense this last week was my vacation week so I had a lot of lunch dates and our mini trip so lots of access to ice cream and desserts!!! I finally got my hands on some Sprinkles Ice Cream yesterday…absolutely delish!!! If you haven’t heard of Sprinkles, it’s a gourmet cupcake shop that turned in to a fad throughout So-Cal. They just recently  opened an ice cream branch where they put a scoop of ice cream in the middle of your cupcake! What more could a pregos girl ask for!!! If you haven’t tried this and have a Sprinkles near you, I highly recommend it! sprinkles


16 weeks pregos!


How far along: 16 weeks and 1 day
Total weight gain/loss: still down about 6.5 lbs, but trying to eat more
Maternity clothes: Not yet…but I haven’t tried much other than my scrubs and my “fat day” jeans
Sleep: Still sleeping like a baby while I’m asleep but I’ve been religiously waking up at around 4am for a bathroom break and I am still waking up a bit earlier with morning sickness…I’m starting to get used to that. I’ve learned to set my morning alarm 20 minutes earlier to give myself some time to recover.
Best moment this week: Our OB appointment…because at every appointment we get to listen to our babies heart beat
Miss Anything: Not really
Food cravings: I had my first official craving…a Jolly Rancher! Ok I know that is kind of lame, but one of the nurses at work was eating one and after smelling it I had to have one!!!
Have you started to show yet: My pooch is slowing making its way out further even more
Symptoms:  The nausea is improving somewhat….possibly it’s coming to an end???
Looking forward to:  Planning the nursery and shopping

I had a routine OB appointment last week however there is a little twist…at the visit, she told me I was actually 15 weeks not 14. So let me explain…that whole deal with the concern for an ectopic pregnancy in my early pregnancy leading to an early first trimester ultrasound led to some confusion. If calculating off my LMP (last menstrual period), I should now be 15 weeks, but when I had that early ultrasound they had told me I am one week behind. Needless to say, the dating on the ultrasound versus that of my LMP were only 6 days apart…long story short, the rule most OB’s follow is they will base your due date on the last LMP UNLESS a relatively early first trimester ultrasound is showing a different due date that is different by at least 7 days. I basically missed the cutoff by one day, which confused everyone…so now I know I am technically 16 weeks and 1 days, not 15 weeks and 2 days. This shouldn’t be a big deal right? If anything I should be excited that I have made it through one extra week, but since finding out we are one week ahead has thrown me in to a whirlwind of feeling like I am behind schedule! Whether its those hormones taking over or my OCD personality liking to be in control of everything, I’ve got a lot of nursery planning, cleaning, reorganizing, baby shower planning, baby registry, etc to plan ASAP! I’ll keep you all posted.

At 16 weeks, our little booger is about the size of an avocado measuring 4.6 inches long and weighing about 3.5 ounces. KRAOUFI-20130616-00027-187KRAOUFI-20130616-00023-183