Missed Period


Friday March 22, 2013….my period is two days late. Didn’t think much of it at first but decided I should take a pregnancy test because generally I am on time.  I took a pregnancy test, it was negative. I thought I was in the clear. I enjoyed my friends baby shower all of Saturday which included several glasses of my fav…wine! The following day I celebrated Persian New Year at my parents house with my family. Again, I enjoyed some wonderful food and a few glasses of vino. In fact my cousin, who happens to be 28 days older than me, announced she is 8 weeks pregnant that evening!!!! Yippee we were going to have the first new addition to our family…what better way to celebrate but with a toast. Monday morning rolls along. I go to work; I was sure my period is on its way. I had all the signs of my usual period…my boobs were sore, I had cramps and I was hungry (lets be honest that’s not just when my period is coming :-)). I went along my business at work that day. Not for a second did it cross my mind that I could be pregnant…I had taken a pregnancy test on Friday and it was negative.

These are the times I wish I would think more medically when it comes to my own health. No matter what doctor you ask, a female with a missed period equals pregnancy until proven otherwise! Anyways, with that being said, while I was driving home I started to count how many days late my period was and realized I was five days late…which was not normal for me. Even at that point, I kept thinking to myself its impossible. I had a negative pregnancy test just a few days ago.

After work, I had plans to meet my friend for coffee, so I made a pit-stop home to change out of my smelly scrubs into something clean and comfortable. Somehow some common sense came over me and I decided to take another pregnancy test. I took the test…waited a few seconds, the first line appeared then the second line appeared but it was extremely faint so I didn’t think much of it. I threw the stick in the trash and started getting dressed. Then all of a sudden I took the stick out of the trash and looked at it again…a faint line is still positive? I should know this. I am doctor for the love of God…but when it comes to yourself, all your logic and knowledge goes out the door. Thankfully I had a few more pregnancy tests under my bathroom sink so I took another and it was positive too!!!! I started screaming and crying and frantically called my best friend…also a doctor…yelling I think I’m pregnant what do I do??? It was so unexpected that she kept asking me are you sure? Thank goodness for technology, so I texted her a picture of the two positive pregnancy sticks. She confirmed that she was seeing the same thing I was seeing. But I still could not believe it….so what did I do… I took two more pregnancy tests. When all four came back positive I finally accepted it was true!!!! I put all the sticks in a zip-lock bag, called my husband and asked him if he wanted to go on a date (ASAP) and cancelled my previously planned coffee date with my other friend.

peesticks(Those lines look a lot less faint in the pic now that I look at them again!)

Later that day, I took my husband to the spot where we had our first date and kiss thirteen years ago. I had a really romantic cute speech planned out in my head, but long story short, it ended up coming out something to the extent of, “our journey started here thirteen years ago and I want you to meet…” and around that point I just broke down in tears and pulled out a bag full of pee sticks and yelled I’m pregnant!!!! He of course was overjoyed and started crying, I was balling, we squealed a little, continued to cry, laugh and chatted about the future ahead. But it doesn’t end there! The crazy person that I am, I made my husband take me to the local grocery store to buy…yup you guessed it…another pack of pregnancy sticks! Then I had him stop at the gas station where I ran in and confirmed yet again that we are pregnant!


(Excuse the puffy eyes…this was obviously after I told him :-))

Lesson learned…pregnancy brain kicks in right away! J/K but it’s truly unbelievable how all of my knowledge and logic went out the door when the tables are turned and I am dealing with myself and my own future baby.

We Are Pregos!!!!

KRAOUFI-20130519-00035-158Sorry I’ve been MIA lately, but I promise it was all for a good reason!!!! We are expecting, so I have been extremely preoccupied with the pregnancy, all the bumps in the way and dealing with my busy work schedule. With all that being said, I am back and excited to share my journey so far and the rest of the pregnancy with you!

My husband and I have been together for thirteen years and married almost five, but unfortunately with the demands of school and work, pregnancy was something we felt the timing wasn’t just right yet. Earlier this year we decided that we would start trying soon so I started loaded up on those prenatal vitamins! Statistically I knew we had about a twenty percent chance conceiving each month we tried and all our friends kept telling us it takes a lot longer than you think, so we figured we would start trying and whatever is meant to be will happen! I guess it was meant to be because it happened all right (yay)!!!!

As of today I am 20 weeks and 4 days along…though I am already half way along, I promise I documented the journey along the way and just need to fill you in!!! Because there is always a higher risk of miscarriage and complications in the first trimester, we wanted the beginning of the journey to be something private between my husband and our families.  Around the five week mark, we shared the exciting news with both of our families and a few of our closest friends. Otherwise, we waited until around the ten to twelve week mark to share the news with everyone.

Now that I am 20 weeks along, the first few blog posts are going to be a bit back tracked but soon enough we’ll be up to date and all the real fun pregnancy posts will start flowing!! I’m honored to finally share this amazing journey with you all!