5 Weeks Pregnant???


Boy was that the longest weekend ever. Both my husband and I tried to put on our happy faces all weekend and act like nothing is wrong. We didn’t tell anyone anything because we had no answers and felt that there was no point to  have our family worry along with us. Finally, Monday morning came around. It was April fools day; but no one was going to fool us! We were dying for some answers. We went in for our repeat ultrasound and this time there was finally a gestational sac there!!!! gestationalsac

(Both images of my uterus with the gestational sac)

We were both so excited, but we weren’t out of the woods yet. By five weeks, that sac should be showing something in it, but my sac was empty. Thankfully, my OB is amazingly supportive and positive and she told us so far these are all good signs and we should just relax and enjoy the pregnancy from this point forward. And that is what we did. That night we went and finally told my parents! It was such a relief to finally tell my mom. I’m so used to telling my mom everything…from my deepest secrets to something stupid that happens in my day. To hold back a week of being pregnant without telling her was rough.

How we told my parents: We bought two onsies; one for grandma and one for grandpa. Thankfully it was around Persian New Year, so we told them it was a belated Persian New Year gift for them. They were both speechless. Luckily Keyvan caught it all on film so one day we can show the little booger how his/her grandparents reacted when they found out (and yes we call our little one booger…I don’t know how it caught on but we didn’t like the typical peanut so we thought whats cute, round and squishy!!!) onsie

AM I Really Pregnant???

questionmarkAbout a week before finding out I was pregnant, I was having severe sharp left sided lower abdominal pain. I didn’t think much of it. I figured I just had an ovarian cyst that was causing a lot of discomfort but because of my busy work schedule I did not have time to get it checked out. This is when I wish I knew less about medicine…the second I found out I was pregnant I got worried….could this pain be because of the pregnancy? I’m I having an ectopic pregnancy?

The day after I found out I am pregnant, I started to worry about all the things that could cause severe abdominal pain in pregnancy; including a miscarriage and an ectopic pregnancy. Later that day, Tuesday March 26th, I called my OB and explained my positive pregnancy test but with this associated left sided pain. Having similar concerns that I had, she scheduled me for a stat (right away) ultrasound and blood work. The following day, Wednesday March 27th, I went and had my blood work done (she was checking for my hCG hormone levels) and my first ultrasound. Unfortunately, the ultrasound did not show much. There was no gestational sac (the first sign of pregnancy), but thankfully there was nothing visible in my fallopian tubes concerning for an ectopic pregnancy. The fallopian tubes are the area of greatest concern for an ectopic pregnancy. After my ultrasound, my nurse practitioner told me to have a low threshold to go to the emergency room if my pain significantly worsened or if I began to bleed. My husband and I were devastated that there was nothing in my uterus. We went home and I basically cried that entire night. The following day, Thursday March 28th, we got to meet with my actual OB. That visit was a bit more reassuring. She told me my hCG level was 400, which meant I was pregnant, but it was early in the pregnancy. However, based on my last menstrual period (LMP), I was supposed to already be 4 weeks and 5 days, which in reality something, ie gestational sac should show on the ultrasound. We had a repeat ultrasound that day. Again, nothing in my uterus, but there was some signs that the wall of my uterus was beginning to get thicker, which is a sign of early pregnancy! With that being said, my husband and I were still nervous, but our hopes were up a little more. The doctor said to come back that following Monday for yet another ultrasound…