Disney Day!!!

Yesterday, the hubs took the day off to go to Disneyland with us! Our family LOVES Disneyland. In fact, before we even had Layla, Keyvan and I had annual passes for years. Our plan had always been that when we have kids we would always have annual passes and that plan is now in action! But before we were off to Disneyland, we had to start our day with some Minnie Mouse pancakes which my little sous-chef helped me prepare.


Getting her Minnie Mouse ears ready for the park!


Being silly on Bugs Life.


Unfortunately we had to cut our Disney day short because my husband got nervous about the news reports that came out regarding recent measles outbreak linked to Disneyland. I had a total mommy brain moment…we could have stayed given Layla has had her shots and the outbreak was weeks ago, but when the hubs gets nervous mommy brain tags along. See yesterdays post regarding the outbreak. No worries, we’ll be going back to the park soon and getting plenty of use of our passes.

Measles Outbreak Linked to Disneyland










This post is only to bring awareness and not start a debate about vaccines vs anti-vaccine campaigns. Unfortunately there has been a rise in measles cases and 12 suspected cases have been recently linked to Disneyland. It’s scary because there are so many young kiddos at Disneyland that can get exposed to such airborne viruses. We were actually there today, but with the release of the news report we cut our visit short to be extra cautious, though so far the cases were reported from over 2 weeks ago. Luckily we have annual passes and can go back anytime! Please be careful with your little ones, especially in crowded areas during the winter season when viruses are on the rise.