Pregnant…Can I Sleep On My Stomach???

PregPillowThis post is dedicated to one of my besties who is afraid to get pregnant because she won’t be able to sleep on her stomach!!! Well to answer this question, it all depends on how far along you are in your pregnancy. Earlier on in your pregnancy, your uterus is small and low enough that its below your pubic bone so even if you sleep on your stomach you won’t effect your little one.  As your uterus grows, the top of it slowly moves up above your pubic bone…that’s when you start feeling your bump. Then about halfway through your pregnancy, around the 20 week mark, your uterus will have moved up far enough to your bellybutton. But have no fear, your baby is still floating safely inside the amniotic fluid within your very strong muscular uterus. Generally, as your pregnancy moves farther along, it will become more uncomfortable for you to sleep on your stomach…so it’s not so much a matter of safety when it comes to your sleeping position, rather the importance of comfort.
Overall, it’s recommended that pregnant women sleep on their side, especially their left side. The reasoning behind this is because as your bump grows, when you lay on your back, the weight of your belly can put pressure on your large veins blocking adequate circulation of blood and nutrients to the placenta to feed your growing baby. The most important thing is to get comfortable. Many people recommend a pregnancy pillow so that you can wrap different parts of your body around it until you get comfy!
What’s your favorite pregnancy sleeping position?

Hospital Comfort on Your Delivery Day

hospitalcomfortDelivery day is here! Your hospital bag is packed and you’re ready to go! Unfortunately, many people forget some simple comfort things to take to the hospital. The essentials in your hospital bag will be discussed in another post, but don’t forget some important things that may not necessarily fit into your hospital bag.  Remember, hospitals are known for being clean, not comfortable. The average delivery will spend around two nights in the hospital, more if you have a c-section or complications, so you want to be comfortable! While in the hospital, your energy should be spent on resting and breast feeding. Don’t waste extra energy on getting comfortable. I recommend to all my patients to bring their favorite pillow (or two) to sleep with. It can also be used under your arms or behind your back while breast feeding after your little one is born. Trust me, hospital pillows are thin and hard; bring your favorite fluffy comfy pillow. Some may even opt to bring a blanket or two…considering the temperature regulation is always off in the hospital. Always remember not forget a spare set for your support system that will be spending these memorable night(s) with you at the hospital. You both will need all the rest you can get!

If you have already had a child, what are some things that made your delivery easier or you wish you had had?!?!