Kim Kardashian Avoids Speculations of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

kim-kardashian-300Congratulations to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West on the news of their first child! She’s lucky she knew she was expecting before New Year’s Eve before getting caught with champagne in her hand and ending up on the cover of every magazine for drinking while pregnant!. For all of you that did not know you were pregnant and had a few drinks over the holidays, do not stress. It has not been proven that a few drinks in your early pregnancy will cause significant damage to the development of your child. Fetal alcohol syndrome, which is a pattern of physical and mental defects that can happen to your fetus is one of the significant risks of drinking while pregnant, however it is associated with high levels of alcohol consumption; it has not been proven that low levels of alcohol use cause such birth defects. In fact, a majority of people that have not planned out their pregnancy in advance will have had a few drinks they wished they had not once finding out they are expecting. If that is you, do not worry…your not alone! Once you know you are pregnant, make sure to avoid all alcohol until your bun in the over is done! Hope everyone had a safe and healthy new year. To all of you expecting in 2013, congratulations!!!

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Kate Middleton’s Pregnancy

I may be a little late to congratulate the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William on the news of their first pregnancy, but I thought this is a great opportunity to discuss hyperemesis gravidarum, the condition which had the Duchess hospitalized ultimately leading to the early leak of their pregnancy news. Unfortunately or fortunately, pregnancy and its possible complications does not differentiate between royalty or a normal gal… it can hit anyone hard! Kate was (can potentially still be) suffering from a condition called hyperemesis gravidarum, aka uncontrolled vomiting during the early months of pregnancy. Most moms-to-be experience “morning sickness” which is basically nausea and sometimes vomiting generally in the morning and during the first few months of pregnancy. Those suffering from from hyperemesis gravidarum have non-stop nausea and vomiting during the earlier months of pregnancy. There is no “cure” for this, rather only supportive treatments such as vitamin B6, antiemetics such as Zofran (ask your physician) or most importantly staying hydrated, whether that is by increasing your oral intake or having to get get admitted to the hospital for IV (intravenous) fluid hydration. Unfortunately the most common and dangerous side effect of hyperemesis gravidarum is severe dehydration. If you are pregnant and have excessive nausea accompanied with vomiting, it is extremely important to get medical attention immediately. With uncontrolled vomiting, you lose a lot of the hydration and nutrition in your body. Severe dehydration can have serious consequences both for you as the mommy and for your unborn child; in severe cases that are not treated, you or your baby can die secondary to dehydration. I am very happy that Kate got the medical attention she needed. I hope that she is feeling better and the rest of her pregnancy continues with ease!

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