Can I get a brazilian wax while pregnant?

I’ve had a lot of friends tell me “I’m too embarrassed to ask my doc but can I get a Brazilian wax while pregnant”? I figured this is an important topic for all…whether you want to just trim up your bikini line or go for the full Brazilian, it does not mean you cannot be a sexy preggers gal! Thanks to all those hormones and vitamins that are making your nails grow longer than ever and your hair thicker and more beautiful, unfortunately it is probably doing the same down South. The good news is it is generally considered safe for pregnant women to get waxed. How else are you expected to keep the trimming in control when you can barely see over that bump!?!?

If you decide to wax during your pregnancy, remember a few things. During pregnancy, your skin tends to be more sensitive because you have increased blood flowing, including to your pubic area, so this may cause extra sensitivity and even maybe a few extra broken blood vessels…meaning you may have a few extra specs of blood after the tugging to your hair or a little bit of bruising, which are both harmless. With that being said, try to stay away from topical products that help numb the area or prevent ingrown hairs (and those bumps after waxing) that contain salicylic acid. Unfortunately while you are pregnant you also should stay clear of pain relievers that are categorized as anti-inflammatory medications (NSAID’s) like Ibuprofen aka Motrin aka Advil etc. These medications can lead to complications in your pregnancy. However don’t let the fear of pain scare you away from being the trimmed gal you once were.  Some tips to help; One patient that told me she applies orajel (yup “that stuff you put on your babys gums to numb them”) to that area about 10 minutes before her appointment and it helps to take the edge away. You figure if you can put it in your baby’s mouth, it’s probably safe to use on your skin while pregnant ;-). Also you can simply use a warm compress or even the good old baby powder to tune down the irritation or aftermath you may experience after waxing. With all that being said, some may prefer to turn to the good old razor. Whatever method you prefer, don’t forget pregnancy is 40 weeks long! As those weeks pass, your bump will grow only larger and it will get more difficult to tame the area yourself. If you opt for waxing, just do not forget to tell your esthetician you are pregnant!