Picking a Baby Shower Date

babyshower(The candy table at my shower)

I remember that trying to plan the perfect date for a baby shower was a bit difficult at first. Coordinating my work schedule with my friends/family schedule was nearly impossible. I finally just decided on a date and hoped all my closest family and friends could make it!

It is hard to anticipate if your baby will be full-term or early, so I did a lot of research on when is the perfect time to plan for a baby shower. The general consensus is to have your shower about 4 to 8 weeks before your due date or around the 8 month mark. This way you are not too big to be uncomfortable all day during the shower and if your bundle decides to comes early, you still have a chance to have a shower before the arrival.  Also having your baby shower a bit earlier gives you a chance to go through all of your gifts, set up the rest of your nursery and buy anything you are still missing. Most stores that you register with will give you a 30 day window either after your shower date or due date to come back and buy anything else left on your registry at a discounted rate. Make sure to ask for any registration specials when you are registering!!! Happy baby shower planning!

Baby Shower

Thank you to all my family and friends for the most amazing baby shower! Can’t wait until our precious baby girl is here. Ellika_064Ellika_042Ellika_150Ellika_009Ellika_013Ellika_004

32 weeks pregos!


How far along? 32 weeks and 6 days.
Total weight gain/loss: 24 pounds and going strong ;-) (technically I’ve gained 16 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight but because of the 8 pounds I lost in the first trimester its a total of 24).
Maternity clothes? I finally bought some maternity pants! I got a pair of jeans and shorts! Now that the summer seems to be officially over, I think I am going to have to buy a few more pairs of pants because squeezing in to dresses is not going to work anymore and I can use the pants post-pregnancy the first few months.
Sleep: About the same…sleeping well but getting up a few times per night for pee breaks!
Best moment this week: OMG so much has happened since my last post but best part of this week was working on the nursery! It’s slowly coming together. Also my husband and I took an infant car seat safety class which was really fun! There were so many other clueless couples…who ever knew there were so many details that go in to installing your car seat properly.
Miss Anything? Probably being able to comfortably wear heels. I wore some heels this weekend to a party and after a few hours my feet were not happy with me.
Food cravings: Nothing specific, but if someone mentions something yummy that’s all I think about until I can get some! O and the sweets addiction still persists and having Halloween candy laying around everywhere isn’t helping the situation! (but I passed my glucose tolerance test so I can have all the candy I want :-)).
Symptoms: Still can’t get enough of all of her wiggles and jabs. As I am getting further along and bigger, I’m starting to feel the pressure a lot more in my lower abdomen and back and especially my legs at night after work. But I am trying to stay as active as I can.
Looking forward to: This week we have an ultrasound so I can’t wait to see her little face again! But just everyday as it’s getting closer and closer to my due date, we can’t wait for her arrival. 32pic2

At 32 weeks, our little one is about 3.5 pounds and 16.5 inches long, approximately the size of a pineapple! Around this time is when she is supposed to move to the head down position getting ready for her journey in to the world. We’ll be able to confirm her position this week at our ultrasound. Fingers crossed she is head down already. 32pic1

These past several weeks have been super busy; I feel like this post is a recap of so many events that happened over the last several weeks since my last post at 27 weeks. I promise to touch up in detail about the special events over the last several weeks in separate posts. Some updates since my 27 week post are…my glucose tolerance test was negative so I can still binge on all the sweets I want ;-).
Nothing too exciting happened at 28 weeks…except busy at work! 28week28weekpic2
The greatest part of 29 weeks was being able to get the day off to go to my cousins baby shower! My cousin and I are 4 weeks apart and our little ones are due 3 weeks apart! Though we don’t get to see each other a lot because of my crazy schedule, its so fun being pregs together. We are constantly texting back and forth about things not to forget to do and updates! I can’t wait til our bundles are born and get to grow up together like we did.sana

The best part of 30 weeks was our maternity pictures. For our engagement, we did not do a professional engagement session so we really wanted to do something special for the pregnancy. We had such a great time taking our maternity pics and to top it off they turned out so cute! I can’t wait to share them with you.maternityphoto
The highlight of 31 weeks was my baby shower! It was perfect and so amazing to see all of my family and friends! I will post some pics and details about the shower planning ASAP.babyshower

Now that my work schedule has finally calmed down a bit, have a lot more time to prep for our little one and take it easy. This last weekend my husband and I went through our registries bought everything that was not purchased so we are basically set (I’m sure I am still missing a lot)! We assembled our stroller which is now waiting sitting in our living room waiting for our little one! We haven’t tried installing the car seat yet even though we took the class this week. We still have 8 more weeks! Right now the nursery progress is our biggest focus. It’s coming along piece by piece! Working on the nursery makes her pending arrival that much more real. I’ll post some pics as soon as its done!

Things to do: With only 8 weeks to go (it sounds like a long time but it’s sure flying by) we are in the process of looking for a pediatrician in our area. It’s important to find a few pediatricians you would consider and then narrow them down based on recommendations and interviews. I will write a specific post about what to consider when looking for the right doctor. Also at this point, if you haven’t done so, its a good time to take an infant CPR class and some sort of birthing class. My husband and I are taking CPR next week with my parents because I know they will be babysitting a lot. Also in two weeks we are going to take a birthing/baby prep class. Given our schedules we signed up for a one day expedited class. I’ll let you know how it goes!

24 Weeks Pregos!

24weekmelonHow far along? 24 weeks…AKA 6 months! (I can’t believe it)
Total weight gain/loss: The weight gain is officially on the exponential rise….8 pound gain from my pregnancy weight, totaling 16 pounds.
Maternity clothes? I bought a few dresses…I have an obsession with stripes for some reason. Also finally bought a pair of maternity pants. Maybe I can finally retire my scrubs for a few days.
Sleep: About the same…sleeping like a baby but with a few midnight pee breast
Best moment this week: Feeling our little one kick more and more is amazing. My husband talks to her about our day every night…its the best part of my day. Also this week I finally finished our registry so we can send out our shower invites soon!
Miss Anything? Not really….I really think I’m officially in the honeymoon state of pregnancy where I’m not too big to be uncomfortable and just enjoying every minute of our little ones wiggles
Food cravings: Everything! But the necessity of sweets with every meal continues.
Symptoms: Enjoying all the little kicks and punches. My back is starting to hurt at the end of my 16 hour days, but pregnant or not that happens.
Looking forward to:  Finalizing my baby shower with my mom and friends followed by some nursery planning!!

For our 6 month mark, my husband and I bought Dr. Seuss’ “Oh, The Places You’ll Go” and wrote our little one a note that one day we can read to her.

This week, aside from work, my focus was on finishing up our registry, making sure we have everything included that we need. I will post my ultimate baby registry checklist soon. Also, this week we started to empty out our office which is going to be our future nursery. I think my nesting is officially settling in, with all this registry and nursery planning, I keep getting the urge to redecorate our bedroom before our little one arrives! I’ll keep you posted on the nursery, our bedroom and shower! KRAOUFI-20130811-00051-1

24weeks 24weekmelonefun