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I got this sweater dress for Layla for Thanksgiving from Baby Gap. Initially she wore it as a dress with stockings but now it serves as a great sweater with leggings for our windy SoCal days. I love getting multiple uses out of Layla’s clothes because kids grow out of stuff so fast!

Another sweater dress moccs kind of day! Sweater dress: #gap Jeggings: #oldnavy Shoes: #freshlypicked Bow: #forever21 (adult accessory)

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Sunday Funday Outfit

Outfit of the day: Valentines Day

Onsie: Baby Gap / Socks: Old Navy / Bow: Amazon seller

With Valentines Day just two weeks away, I’ve been thinking of what Layla should wear this year. Haven’t found an outfit yet, but here’s a flashback to her outfit last year. I had an obsession with Gap knit onsies when Layla was an infant.

Considering this with red leggings for this year? gapsweater



Baby Walks….Calls For Some Shoe Shopping

Last week Layla finally started walking! She had taken a few steps alone last month but decided she is too chicken and continued to maneuver around the world by grabbing hold of anything she could get her hands on. In general, most babies take their first steps between 9 and 12 months and master the skill by 14 or 15 months. This is not set in stone, some will start later while others may start even sooner. I was in no rush to push Layla to start because walking opens a whole new world of mischief! But now that our little girl is on the go, we HAD to go shopping and get more shoes! For the last month or so, she had been wearing her Freshly Picked Moccasins almost everyday. I am obsessed with these mocs because they are super soft so Layla can still crawl in them, but also protect her feet when she would want to walk around. And obviously because they are so cute (I secretly wish they made them in my size)! But with the new walking skills my mom insisted that we get her sneakers for more foot support (grandma is always right) so we got her her first pair of Nike‘s. I got the Nike ‘Free 5′ because they have a strong sole with good ankle support but are also super light weight. We tried on a few pairs of sneakers but the others felt heavy for her little body. Now I just need to order myself a matching pair of Nike’s and we are good to go!



TOMSOne of my close friends just told me she’s pregnant!!! Yay!!! I can’t wait to squeeze that little bundle of joy!!!! I wanted to get her something small as a congrats/baby’s first gift and I came across TOMS for infants! They are to die for and so mini! Both she and I love our TOMS…we always say they feel like you’re walking on butter (well maybe not, but its still a fun analogy). So I thought how fun would it be to buy her baby his/her first pair of Tom’s!?! I wanted to keep it neutral given they don’t know the sex of the baby yet.  The original canvas TOMS are offered in 6 colors (black, navy, ash, red, natural, and chocolate)…I thought as far as keeping it neutral, the red ones were the cutest for an infant! Aside from comfort, the thing I love the most about TOMS is their motto; “One for One”. With every pair you purchase, TOMS will give a new shoe to a child in need. So its a feel good, look good gift! These are the ones I got her!! Aren’t they so cute!!!! <3