Weekend Recap

Layla and I had a busy week last week, so we took it easy this weekend. On Saturday we took a quick trip to Ikea…I am in the works of setting up a little kitchen corner for Layla and wanted to see what Ikea had (as soon as I get everything, I’ll make sure to post some pics). Layla basically turned Ikea in to her own little playground and whats an Ikea trip without some ice cream? This was Layla’s first time trying ice cream at Ikea. IMG_0267IMG_0263

After we met up with some friends and got some amazing cake from Susie’s Cakes (if you live in SoCal you must go)!. Layla was a huge fan of all their colorful delicious looking cupcakes.


On Sunday Layla hung out with her cousins while I did some grocery shopping and made her fruit pouches for the week. I promise to get the recipe up later this week. I use the Infantino Squeeze Station to make my own homemade pouches.


After we went on a picnic with some friends…Layla ran around for three hours, burnt some energy and passed out!

IMG_0385IMG_0401Hope you all had a relaxful and fun weekend?



Toddler Bath Time Must Haves

Slide11. Laundry Basket 2. Rubber Duck 3. Bath Toys 4. Kneeling pad 5. Elbow Rest 6. Hooded Towel 7. Spout Cover 8. Toy Bin

1. Laundry basket – How is a laundry basket a bath time essential you ask? It’s the most amazing idea I found on Pinterest of course! Put the laundry basket in your bathtub so that you do not have to worry about your toddler falling over. It has enough room for your little one to play in while keeping you at ease as they transition to the adult tub.

2. Rubber duck – no explanation needed! It’s a must in every bath. If you are going to get a rubber duck though, get the Munchkin Ducky Hot Safety Bath. It has a white hot safety disc that reveals the word “HOT” on the bottom of the duck when bath water is too hot for your baby.

3. Bath toys – Layla loves to stick the Boon Bath Tub Appliques all over the bathtub walls. We also have some of these and bathtub crayons.

4. Kneeling pad – Trust me this is a must or your poor knees will be in pain after the bath. We got the Skip Hop Moby Bath Kneeler only because it was a whale and matched the theme of our bath stuff. It’s worked out great for us so far. As comfy as it is going to get on our knees.

5. Elbow rest – As much as you have to protect your knees, gotta do the same for those elbows as you lean over the tub to wash your little one. We got the Skip Hop Moby Bathtub Elbow Rest, again because it matched our bath theme.

6. Hooded towels – I got the frog and pig Jumping Beans Hooded Towels from Amazon. I also bought some random ones from Target.

7. Bath spout cover – This is super important in case your little one slips in the bath. The rubber covers the spout giving it some extra cushioning. I got the Skip Hop Bath Spout Cover to match the rest of our stuff.

8. Bathtub toy bin – We got this OXO Tot Bath Toy Bin. I like that its white so it’s easy to clean and know its clean. Drains the water from the toys great and sticks the to the wall of the tub.

Newborn/Infant Bath Time Must Haves

Slide11. Infant Bath Tub 2. Wash Cloths 3. Shampoo 4. Lotion 5. Body Wash 6. Hooded Towels

1. Infant bath tub – We used the Summer Infant Bath Center. The key to an infant bath tub is to have a sling so that your newborn/infant can comfortably lay in it without slipping while you bathe them.

2. Wash clothes – We love all Aiden and Anais products, so I got these. But we also have some from pottery barn that are great as well!

3. Infant Shampoo – I love all Mustela products because they use natural ingredients so we used the Mustela Foam Shampoo for Newborns. I actually used this for months until it finally ran out.

4. Body lotion – After each bath, I give Layla a “baby massage” to help calm her and also lock in all the moisture from her bath. I use the Mustela Hydra-Bebe Body lotion. It leaves her skin so soft; smelling so fresh and clean.

5. Body Wash – I really like the Mustela Dermo Cleansing because it has a great lather with natural ingredients. Doesn’t dry the skin out.

6. Hooded towels – We have a bunch from pottery barn. I love the simple Nursery Critter Wraps because they absorb the water well, but Nursery Fur Critter Bath Wraps are so cute and cozy! And of course, Aiden and Anais makes great soft muslin hooded towels. The most important thing is to get hooded towels so you can dry that little head and ears.

When Is It OK For My Toddler To Watch TV?

elmoWe are surrounded by media…whether its TV, computers, phones, or video games, it is hard to avoid. The AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) recommends TV and other forms of media entertainment be avoided in children under the age of 2. The biggest concern is that in the first couple years of life, a childs brain is rapidly developing and they learn more by interacting as opposed to being sedentary watching the television.

Well our household made it to the age of 1, but we are still trying! Up until Layla turned one, we almost never ever had the TV on during her waking hours, but starting her first birthday, my husband really wanted her to watch cartoons with him. Since, on weekend mornings only, they watch 10 minutes together and she’s quickly over it! This morning I thought I would give it a try and let her watch Sesame Street. I figured its educational and may keep her put in one place for more than 30 seconds?!? Well she actually loved it! I think because she loves her Elmo doll and he was basically on the TV talking to her. We watched for a few minutes then quickly got side tracked with our tea party!


Top Questions to Ask When Interviewing Pediatricians

stethoscope-879205-mFinding the right pediatrician is a crucial decision…this doctor could potentially take care of your little one until he/she is 18 years old. With that being said, don’t stress…there are hundreds of options to choose from. The best way to start your hunt is to ask friends, family and colleagues if they have any recommendations. It’s always nice to have personal referrals. After you have at least 2-3 docs on your list, go to their office to get a sense of the environment and staff. A lot of pediatric offices will allow for a free consultation so that you can interview the actual doctor.

Keep in mind that it is important that the doctors office is close to your home…10-15 minute drive max. Don’t forget, you will be visiting this doctor frequently the first several months for well child checks as well as when your baby is sick so you do not want your commute to be too long.

Some questions you may want to consider when you pay a visit to the practice. Don’t feel that you have to ask every single question or any specific questions at all.

Questions to ask the doctor:

1.     Does the practice accept my insurance?

2.     Is this a solo or group practice?

a.     If solo, who covers when you are not available?

b.     If a group practice, how often will we see the other doctors in the practice?

3.     How long have you been practicing?

4.     Do you have any subspecialties?

5.     What are the general office hours?

6.     What are the weekend and evening hours?

7.     Do you offer same-day sick appointments?

8.     In general, however far in advance do I need to make an appointment?

9.     Do you accept routine or non-emergent questions? Do you respond to emails?

10. How will we reach you if my child gets sick after hours?

11.  Who covers you when you are not on call?

12.  Which hospital(s) are you affiliated with?

13.  Will your first visit with my baby be at the hospital or at our first check-up?

14.  Billing policies: Policies for insurance claims, labs, payments and billing?

15.  What tests are done at the clinic?

16.  Do you use electronic medical records? (This is important because it can reduce errors or loss of information)

Optional personal questions to ask the doctor:

1.     What do you like best about your job?

2.     Will you be available to discuss behavioral developments?

3.     What are your views on:

a.     Breast versus bottle-feeding?

b.     Circumcision?

c.      Antibiotics?

d.     Immunizations?

e.     Sleep training?

f.      Parenting methods?

g.     Alternative medicine?

Questions to ask yourself?
1. Was everything clean?

2. Was there a separate sick and well waiting room?

3. Were there toys and books to keep the kids occupied?

4. Was the staff and nurses helpful and patient?

5. How long did you have to wait?

6. Did the doctor seem to welcome questions?

7. Did you feel comfortable with the doctor?



Graco Car Seat Recall

Graco has announced a graco_beta_logohuge recall on all their toddler convertible car seats and harnessed booster seats (released since 2010) due to faulty buckles. The recall is because food or dried liquids can make some harness buckles more difficult to open over time or become stuck in the latched position. This recall affects 3.7 million units but Graco is offering a new and improved replacement harness buckle to affected consumers for free. Please make sure to contact Graco if you suspect this recall applies to one of your car seats/booster seats.

buckle-images-20140217(Photo courtesy of Graco)

The models that the recall applies to: Toddler Convertible Car Seats: Cozy Cline, Comfort Sport, Classic Ride 50, My Ride 65, My Ride 70, My Ride 65 with Safety Surround, Size4Me 70, My Size 70, Head Wise 70 with Safety Surround, Ready Ride, Smart Seat, and Smart Seat with Safety Surround. Harnessed Booster Seats: Nautilus 3-in-1, Nautilus Elite, Nautilus Plus, Argos 70, and Argos 70 Elite

Are Christmas Trees Dangerous for Babies?

ChristmastreeWith Christmas just around the corner, we had to get a Christmas tree. At first I was a bit hesitant about bringing a live tree in the house given the risk of allergies to pine with a baby under one month old. After a lot research and discussion with several colleagues, I was confident that the likelihood of an allergy is very low. At one month old, L cannot crawl nor can she put anything in her mouth so I think we are good to go!

Going to the Christmas tree lot was one of our first family outings (other than the Pediatricians office of course :-). It was nice to get out of the house and take some fun family photos and buy L’s first tree!!!