Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel Confirm They Are Having a BABY!

Justin Timberlake posted the sweet picture of Jessica Biel’s pregnant belly with the caption “Thank you EVERYONE for the Bday wishes! This year, I’m getting the GREATEST GIFT EVER. CAN’T WAIT,” confirming the speculations that they are expecting. That’s going to be one good looking kid ;-).


Outfit of the day: Valentines Day

Onsie: Baby Gap / Socks: Old Navy / Bow: Amazon seller

With Valentines Day just two weeks away, I’ve been thinking of what Layla should wear this year. Haven’t found an outfit yet, but here’s a flashback to her outfit last year. I had an obsession with Gap knit onsies when Layla was an infant.

Considering this with red leggings for this year? gapsweater



Recipe: Homemade Organic Popsicles


I love making Layla organic fruit popsicles. They are the perfect snack for a warm day (basically everyday in SoCal) or when she is teething. The best part is they are quick and easy to make, yet super healthy. This time I made strawberry apple pops. Usually I just use any organic fruits I have at home.


1. Chop up 5 organic strawberries and half an organic apple and add 2 tablespoons of water (you can add milk or yogurt for a creamier texture)

2. Puree in a blender

3. Add to your favorite Popsicle mold and put in the freezer (I use the Nuby Garden Fresh Fruitsicle Pop Tray from Amazon that I got for under $10 and I have already used it so many times)


Is Nail Polish Safe During Pregnancy?

Yesterday, one of my pregnant patients was asking me about getting a manicure while pregnant and whether the toxins in nail polish and nail salons can harm her baby. So the big question is “is it safe to get a mani pedi (or simply wear nail polish) while pregnant?” The answer is yes, but with some exceptions of course. Obviously no nail polish, no hair color, no harmful products…all natural is the best way to go, but it is not the most realistic. Whether you are the type of gal that likes to get a mani pedi at the salon or do your own nails at home, make sure to check the ingredients in your nail polish. Confirm that the nail polish you are using is free of these three toxic chemicals: DBP (dibutyl phthalate), toluene and formaldehyde. The good news is, most of our favorite nail polish brands including OPI, Sally Hansen, Avon and Zoya are free from these toxins. Just make sure to check the label on your polish or the website distributing the polish with brand information.

If you are going to the salon, consider taking your own polish and instruments. Then you do not have to be concerned about what the contents of the polish they are using is. If you do not want to take your own instruments, make sure that the instruments your aesthetician is using are sterilized. Try to stay clear of intense cuticle cutting or toenail digging, as these can increase your risk of having an open wound and introducing bacteria into your skin. Lastly, if you go to a salon, make sure that it is well ventilated so that you are not inhaling any nasty fumes. I’ve had some patients tell me that they wear a surgical mask when they go, but more often than not, that just protects you more from the smell rather the effects of the fumes which can penetrate through a simple surgical mask.

With all this being said, you must embrace your pregnancy and all that comes with it…including your longer stronger nails thanks to your hormones and vitamins (that you should be taking everyday ;-)). Just make sure to double check all the products you introduce to your body.

Birthday Celebration and a Sentimental Gift

Yesterday was my birthday…yay to getting old!!! We kept the birthday celebrations low key this year. Layla, the hubs and I hung out in our PJ’s and had cake! What more could I ask for?!?! I’m sure this weekend we’ll have some more family celebrations, but sometimes a nice little quiet celebration is the best. IMG_5348

Keyvan and Layla made me the cutest chalkboard sign!IMG_5397

One of my closest friends got me this beautiful book called “Mom’s One Line a Day”, A Five Year Memory Book. It’s a book from a mother to her child where you write one line daily to your child for 5 years. Then when it’s complete your child has a keepsake forever! I love sentimental gifts especially a gift that keeps giving like this one.IMG_5377IMG_5379

Baby Walks….Calls For Some Shoe Shopping

Last week Layla finally started walking! She had taken a few steps alone last month but decided she is too chicken and continued to maneuver around the world by grabbing hold of anything she could get her hands on. In general, most babies take their first steps between 9 and 12 months and master the skill by 14 or 15 months. This is not set in stone, some will start later while others may start even sooner. I was in no rush to push Layla to start because walking opens a whole new world of mischief! But now that our little girl is on the go, we HAD to go shopping and get more shoes! For the last month or so, she had been wearing her Freshly Picked Moccasins almost everyday. I am obsessed with these mocs because they are super soft so Layla can still crawl in them, but also protect her feet when she would want to walk around. And obviously because they are so cute (I secretly wish they made them in my size)! But with the new walking skills my mom insisted that we get her sneakers for more foot support (grandma is always right) so we got her her first pair of Nike‘s. I got the Nike ‘Free 5′ because they have a strong sole with good ankle support but are also super light weight. We tried on a few pairs of sneakers but the others felt heavy for her little body. Now I just need to order myself a matching pair of Nike’s and we are good to go!


Acai Bowls With My Gal

Our family loves acai bowls. Layla especially loves the banana berry bowls. They are fresh and health, yet filling. There is a Nekter Juice Bar near our house that sells acai bowls so we try to go at least once a week, but lots of places sell acai bowls these days. Since Layla was around 10 months, I started giving her some of just the frozen acai and fruits. Now that she is older she eats all the granola and I even get the honey agave syrup on top. Before I was hesitant because you shouldn’t give children under the age of 1 any honey, but now she eats basically everything! This morning my little date and I went and had a bowl together. She couldn’t wait to get her hands on it. IMG_5282IMG_5285 IMG_5283

I found some recipes online and want to try to make our own organic bowls at home. Here is the recipe I came across on “Low Fat Vegan Chef” that I’m thinking of trying. I’ll let you know how it turned out!

Bowl Ingredients:

4 oz/ 1/2 cup apple juice (unsweetened if desired)
2 100g packets of frozen Acai (I used Sambazon Original Smoothie Packs)
1 frozen ripe banana (sub a fresh banana if you do not have a high powered blender such as a VitaMix or Blendtec)

Garnish Ingredients:

1/3-1/2 cup low fat granola of choice
1/2 -1 ripe banana, peeled and sliced
1/2 cup strawberries, sliced
handful of blueberries or other berries
Drizzle of honey or agave *optional


1. Remove packets of acai and frozen bananas from freezer.

2. Wash and slice the strawberries, slice the banana and wash the blueberries and set aside.

3. Add apple juice to your blender. Break up the frozen acai into smaller pieces and cut the plastic open and pour into blender. Add the banana. Blend on low or pulse to break up the frozen fruit. If you have a VitaMix use the tamper to puree into a soft serve. If you have another type of blender you may have to stop and stir and keep pulsing to combine. Stop blending when smooth.

4. Scrape acai mixture into a bowl.

5. Top acai with granola.

6. Top with bananas, strawberries and blueberries.


Baby Cold and Flu Season Must Haves

Slide11. NoseFrida 2. Cool Mist Humidifier 3. Thermometer 4. Disinfectant Wipes 5. Hand Sanitizer

1. NoseFrida the SnotSucker- Everyone I know swears by the NoseFrida. Unfortunately we had little…shall I say no success with it for Layla. She ended up screaming and crying, producing more snot then she initially had. Most suggest to use it after a bath or with saline drops to soften up those boogies.

2. Crane Drop Shape Cool Mist Humidifier – A humidifier is a must. We have ours on in the nursery every night during the winter months when the weather is dry and the heater is running. If you do not want the humidifier on all the time, make sure to use it when your baby is sick because the humidified air helps your baby breath more comfortably.

3. Braun Ear Thermometer - Another huge must. Most doctors (including myself) will tell you that a rectal temperature is more accurate so use a rectal thermometer. I used to give this advice only until I had a baby and realized how difficult taking an accurate rectal temperature is. This ear thermometer is a life saver and works instantaneously before your baby has time to get mad at your for sticking something in his ear.

4. Disinfectant Wipes - I like using either Babyganics or Seventh Generation disinfecting wipes around the house all the time, but especially when someone is sick in at home. They clean up those germs without any alcohol in their products.

5. Hand Sanitizer - I keep a bottle of Babyganics Hand Sanitizer on the changing table to use with poopy diapers and always have a small bottle of EO Hand Sanitizer Spray in my diaper bag for when we are on the run. Otherwise I prefer to use good old soap and water to kill those germs at home.

Disney Day!!!

Yesterday, the hubs took the day off to go to Disneyland with us! Our family LOVES Disneyland. In fact, before we even had Layla, Keyvan and I had annual passes for years. Our plan had always been that when we have kids we would always have annual passes and that plan is now in action! But before we were off to Disneyland, we had to start our day with some Minnie Mouse pancakes which my little sous-chef helped me prepare.


Getting her Minnie Mouse ears ready for the park!


Being silly on Bugs Life.


Unfortunately we had to cut our Disney day short because my husband got nervous about the news reports that came out regarding recent measles outbreak linked to Disneyland. I had a total mommy brain moment…we could have stayed given Layla has had her shots and the outbreak was weeks ago, but when the hubs gets nervous mommy brain tags along. See yesterdays post regarding the outbreak. No worries, we’ll be going back to the park soon and getting plenty of use of our passes.

Measles Outbreak Linked to Disneyland










This post is only to bring awareness and not start a debate about vaccines vs anti-vaccine campaigns. Unfortunately there has been a rise in measles cases and 12 suspected cases have been recently linked to Disneyland. It’s scary because there are so many young kiddos at Disneyland that can get exposed to such airborne viruses. We were actually there today, but with the release of the news report we cut our visit short to be extra cautious, though so far the cases were reported from over 2 weeks ago. Luckily we have annual passes and can go back anytime! Please be careful with your little ones, especially in crowded areas during the winter season when viruses are on the rise.