Home Pharmacy Must Haves

Slide21. A&D Ointment 2. Motrin Infant Drops 3. Infants Tylenol 4. Carlson Vitamin D Drops 5. Nose Frida

A&D Ointment is great to use at the first sign of a diaper rash. By the next diaper change, the rash already looks better.

Motrin and Tylenol are important to have in case your little one comes down with a fever, whether it’s from a cold or vaccines, you do not want to be running to the drug store when your baby is sick.

Carlson Vitamin D drops are great for breastfed babies because vitamin D is poorly passed through breast milk. Infants should have apx 400 IU of vitamin D daily and these drops are perfect because you get all of that in one drop. You can put a drop on your nipple and nurse or on your bottle nipple.

The Nose Frida is great when your little ones nose is stuffed up. Loosen up those boogies with a warm bath or saline drops then use the Frida to get them out.

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays from our family to yours. Wishing you all health and happiness this holiday season.