No More K Cups

I just saw this interesting post on Facebook from another blog (The Mommy Illuminati) about K-Cups and their potential danger to our health. So many of us, including myself, drink our morning coffee from the quick and easy K Cups but looks like those days must come to an end. We’ve all heard about the dangers of chemicals released from heated plastic, but it never crossed my mind that each time I use my Keurig I am heating the plastic K-cup with boiling water.

When I found out I was pregnant, I made a point to cut down my use of plastic products to decrease my risk of exposure to BPA. I got rid of all my plastic containers and bottles, replacing everything with glass. Looks like I’ll be getting rid of my Keurig now :-(. For all those mammas or mammas-to-be, start brewing your coffee fresh. If you do not want to get rid of your Keurig, you can get a reusable stainless steel K-cup. Another alternative to your quick morning coffee is using a french press or a single serve coffee maker.

Top Questions to Ask When Interviewing Pediatricians

stethoscope-879205-mFinding the right pediatrician is a crucial decision…this doctor could potentially take care of your little one until he/she is 18 years old. With that being said, don’t stress…there are hundreds of options to choose from. The best way to start your hunt is to ask friends, family and colleagues if they have any recommendations. It’s always nice to have personal referrals. After you have at least 2-3 docs on your list, go to their office to get a sense of the environment and staff. A lot of pediatric offices will allow for a free consultation so that you can interview the actual doctor.

Keep in mind that it is important that the doctors office is close to your home…10-15 minute drive max. Don’t forget, you will be visiting this doctor frequently the first several months for well child checks as well as when your baby is sick so you do not want your commute to be too long.

Some questions you may want to consider when you pay a visit to the practice. Don’t feel that you have to ask every single question or any specific questions at all.

Questions to ask the doctor:

1.     Does the practice accept my insurance?

2.     Is this a solo or group practice?

a.     If solo, who covers when you are not available?

b.     If a group practice, how often will we see the other doctors in the practice?

3.     How long have you been practicing?

4.     Do you have any subspecialties?

5.     What are the general office hours?

6.     What are the weekend and evening hours?

7.     Do you offer same-day sick appointments?

8.     In general, however far in advance do I need to make an appointment?

9.     Do you accept routine or non-emergent questions? Do you respond to emails?

10. How will we reach you if my child gets sick after hours?

11.  Who covers you when you are not on call?

12.  Which hospital(s) are you affiliated with?

13.  Will your first visit with my baby be at the hospital or at our first check-up?

14.  Billing policies: Policies for insurance claims, labs, payments and billing?

15.  What tests are done at the clinic?

16.  Do you use electronic medical records? (This is important because it can reduce errors or loss of information)

Optional personal questions to ask the doctor:

1.     What do you like best about your job?

2.     Will you be available to discuss behavioral developments?

3.     What are your views on:

a.     Breast versus bottle-feeding?

b.     Circumcision?

c.      Antibiotics?

d.     Immunizations?

e.     Sleep training?

f.      Parenting methods?

g.     Alternative medicine?

Questions to ask yourself?
1. Was everything clean?

2. Was there a separate sick and well waiting room?

3. Were there toys and books to keep the kids occupied?

4. Was the staff and nurses helpful and patient?

5. How long did you have to wait?

6. Did the doctor seem to welcome questions?

7. Did you feel comfortable with the doctor?



Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day!!!photo

I got this fun picture idea off Pinterest…I had actually pinned the idea way before I was pregnant but thought it was so cute! Note to self…it is very hard to get a 3 month old to look at the camera, not smear lipstick everywhere and smile at the same time. Hence our picture did not turn out exactly like we had planned but cute enough! The red lipstick was very hard to get off. I gave her a bath right after and used baby wipes but it took one more bath to get all the residual lipstick off. Baby oil would have probably helped remove it better but I didn’t have any. Did any of you take cute pics of your kiddos for Valentines day??!?!

Graco Car Seat Recall

Graco has announced a graco_beta_logohuge recall on all their toddler convertible car seats and harnessed booster seats (released since 2010) due to faulty buckles. The recall is because food or dried liquids can make some harness buckles more difficult to open over time or become stuck in the latched position. This recall affects 3.7 million units but Graco is offering a new and improved replacement harness buckle to affected consumers for free. Please make sure to contact Graco if you suspect this recall applies to one of your car seats/booster seats.

buckle-images-20140217(Photo courtesy of Graco)

The models that the recall applies to: Toddler Convertible Car Seats: Cozy Cline, Comfort Sport, Classic Ride 50, My Ride 65, My Ride 70, My Ride 65 with Safety Surround, Size4Me 70, My Size 70, Head Wise 70 with Safety Surround, Ready Ride, Smart Seat, and Smart Seat with Safety Surround. Harnessed Booster Seats: Nautilus 3-in-1, Nautilus Elite, Nautilus Plus, Argos 70, and Argos 70 Elite