Pregnancy Pillow

snoogleI posted earlier about sleeping on your stomach while pregnant and the importance of a pregnancy pillow. Now that I am pregnant, I can tell you that aside from being medically more safe, sleeping on your side with a pregnancy pillow is the ultimate way to go! Months ago…probably around 14 weeks in to my pregnancy, I could no longer sleep on my stomach. Once my bump had officially made its debut, I could feel my uterus underneath me if I slept on my stomach. For a while I was sleeping comfortably on my back, but I as I’ve gone further along in my pregnancy, it is becoming more uncomfortable. Plus, like I mentioned before in my post “Pregnant…Can I sleep on my stomach”, its is safer to sleep on your side. As your uterus grows, it becomes heavier so if you lay flat on your back, it can press down on your vena cava which is the major vessel that returns blood from your body to your heart. In extreme cases, this can decrease the blood supply back to your heart therefore ultimately interfere with the circulation of blood and nutrients to your baby. But rest assured, if you are compressing your vena cava, your body will likely let you know… you will likely feel short of breath or dizzy. If you wake up in the middle of the night flat on your back, don’t freak out. Just readjust yourself on to your side, especially your left. Your vena cava lies on the right side of your body so the best side to be on is the left.

My husband bought me the Snoogle body pillow (they have it on Amazon or I’ve seen it at Babies R’ Us and Buy Buy Baby) when I was about 14 weeks and I’ve been using it since. At first I would just rest my legs on it while I was flat on my back, but now I love to just straddle it all night long. Though my husband wont admit, he loves it too. I wake up some mornings and he’s hugging my snoogle from the other side.

Do you use a pregnancy pillow?!?!?! What’s your favorite one???


27 weeks pregos!

KRAOUFI-20130902-00128-1How far along? 27 weeks and 4 days.
Total weight gain/loss: 10 pound gain from my pregnancy weight, totaling 20 pounds.
Maternity clothes? I bought a dress for my baby shower. It’s not a maternity dress so I just bought a size up and the stomach area has a lot of spare room.
Sleep: I’m sleeping well for the most part….I’ve been having some intermittent insomnia some nights, but I think its just because I have a long things to do list and no time to do it because work is super busy.
Best moment this week: My husband took some great home maternity pics
Miss Anything? I think the only thing I really miss is the versatility of my clothes. All I wear is my scrubs and a few dresses…hopefully I’ll have time to go shopping soon ;-)
Food cravings: Appetite is still no problem…my addiction to sweets continues. I find out my glucose tolerance test results next week…hopefully I don’t have to cut back on the sweets
Symptoms: Still can’t get enough of all the little kicks and punches
Looking forward to:  Since sending out our baby shower invites, gifts have already started arriving! I can’t wait to paint the nursery and finally start setting it up.

This week was full of crossing things off my things to do list!!!! With our due date slowly approaching, one very important thing to do was to register for pregnancy/baby classes. Though I’m in medicine, I did not want to take the experience of a Lamaze class away from my husband. Our hospital offers a “Super Baby” class which is an 8 class that discusses breathing techniques, what to expect in the deliver room, familiarize you with medical terminology, etc. I think it is really important for my husband to take this class so he isn’t shocked the day of. Also we signed up for a baby CPR and car seat safety class. For the baby CPR, I signed my parents up as well because they will be helping us care for our little one once I go back to work. It’s important to have anyone that is spending a lot of time with your child to be familiar with CPR and baby safety. As for the car seat safety class, it is offered for free at our hospital. If your hospital does not offer a car seat class, the local fire/police department offer proper car seat installation instructions.
Also, this week we scheduled our maternity pictures. After speaking to a few photographer, the general consensus was that the best time to take maternity pictures is between 7.5 – 8.5 months. Most said you don’t want to be at a point that you are too big, but also you want to make sure that your stomach is nice formed out already. The last thing I started this week is gathering names of pediatricians that my friends and coworkers recommend. Though I work with some amazing pediatricians, my work is over 20 minutes from our house so I want to find someone a bit closer. Stay tuned for a post about finding the right pediatrician for you and questions to ask when you are interviewing them.

At 27 weeks, our little one is about 14.5 inches and between 1.5 to 2.5 pounds, overall the size of a head of lettuce.



25 Weeks pregos!

This week flew by! I’ve been so busy with work and trying to get things done for the baby at night when I get home that the days are passing way too fast! We were pretty accomplished this week though…the registry is finalized and we got the shower invites out! Also, as I mentioned in my previous post, 23 Weeks, Some Fun with a Little Scare, we have to have a growth scan every 4 weeks because of the medication I am on, so this week we got to see our little one! Our little boogs is getting so big…in fact she is growing one week ahead! On the day of our scan, I was 25 weeks and 6 days and our little one is growing 26 weeks and 5 days! She’s a little over 2 pounds already. We didn’t get the greatest pictures from this ultrasound because she is getting so big that her entire body does not show up on one ultrasound image. Also she was head down with her little face nestled near my cervix so we could only see the side of her face and nose. We got a cute pic of her feet…her second toe is longer than her other ones just like her daddy and uncle!!!

photoThis weekend we went to one of our best friends birthdays at the park. It was nice to lounge around in the grass with the girls while the boys BBQ’d. I couldn’t help but to keep imagining coming back to the park for a weekend BBQ with our little one!!! How was your weekend? KRAOUFI-20130817-00033-1 KRAOUFI-20130817-00035-2

24 Weeks Pregos!

24weekmelonHow far along? 24 weeks…AKA 6 months! (I can’t believe it)
Total weight gain/loss: The weight gain is officially on the exponential rise….8 pound gain from my pregnancy weight, totaling 16 pounds.
Maternity clothes? I bought a few dresses…I have an obsession with stripes for some reason. Also finally bought a pair of maternity pants. Maybe I can finally retire my scrubs for a few days.
Sleep: About the same…sleeping like a baby but with a few midnight pee breast
Best moment this week: Feeling our little one kick more and more is amazing. My husband talks to her about our day every night…its the best part of my day. Also this week I finally finished our registry so we can send out our shower invites soon!
Miss Anything? Not really….I really think I’m officially in the honeymoon state of pregnancy where I’m not too big to be uncomfortable and just enjoying every minute of our little ones wiggles
Food cravings: Everything! But the necessity of sweets with every meal continues.
Symptoms: Enjoying all the little kicks and punches. My back is starting to hurt at the end of my 16 hour days, but pregnant or not that happens.
Looking forward to:  Finalizing my baby shower with my mom and friends followed by some nursery planning!!

For our 6 month mark, my husband and I bought Dr. Seuss’ “Oh, The Places You’ll Go” and wrote our little one a note that one day we can read to her.

This week, aside from work, my focus was on finishing up our registry, making sure we have everything included that we need. I will post my ultimate baby registry checklist soon. Also, this week we started to empty out our office which is going to be our future nursery. I think my nesting is officially settling in, with all this registry and nursery planning, I keep getting the urge to redecorate our bedroom before our little one arrives! I’ll keep you posted on the nursery, our bedroom and shower! KRAOUFI-20130811-00051-1

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