Baby Shower Invites

I never realized how difficult it can be to choose a baby shower invite! Or maybe its not that hard for most peps, but the running theme during my pregnancy has been being indecisive…whether I am trying to find a baby shower theme or decide what to have for dinner…making decisions has been my weakness lately!

Some hints for ordering shower invites:
1. Make sure your registry is done in advance so you can include the store(s) on your invite.
2. Start making your invite list early so you do not leave anyone off. I made an excel sheet with different columns for invite sent, RSVP, gift and thank you cards. This way I could stay organized before and after the shower. See attachment for my baby shower invite sheet.
3. Decide on a baby shower theme about 2 months before in case you want your invites to flow with your theme.
4. Invites should be mailed out anywhere from 4-6 weeks before your shower

As far as buying invites, you can get premade invites from anywhere like Target, Michaels, etc. Or save yourself a trip to the store and purchase online. Several websites have hundreds of designs you can choose from. Personally I feel like the web has so much more to offer, so my mom and I hit the internet for our search. I never realized how many options there are. We found some templates on Etsy that we loved. Our seller let us customize the invite to make it more personal and to fit the theme of my shower. After we placed our order, we had the PDF in less than 48 hours. Then we had them printed at a local print shop and I ordered envelops from Amazon. Sounds complicated, but we found that printing the invites and getting our own envelopes came out to be a lot cheaper than having a customized invite printed from Etsy. Other sites had cheaper options, but we liked the template on Etsy so we went that route instead.



Baby on Board

babyonboardYou protect your baby by giving him/her only healthy foods, staying away from harmful products, getting vaccinated, etc, but lots of people forget that a baby spends a lot of his/her time in the car with you…at risk of being hurt in a car accident. Something simple people forget is to buy a “baby on board” sign for their car. It is a great way to tell those around you to drive with a little more caution (we wish people always drive cautiously but we can’t get too ambitious). Don’t forget these inexpensive little signs. You may think it’s overkill but I’d put one on each side of the car :-). Even consider putting them up on your while your pregnant! Do any of you have a sign already? It not, click on the image and get one soon!!!

Can My Computer Harm My Baby?

computerEver wonder if sitting behind your computer for several hours a day could have an effect on the bun in the oven? Well whether you were wondering or not, the good news is that over-exposure to low-electromagnetic fields, such as those released from your computer screen or other video displays and electronic devices, have not been shown to cause harm to your growing fetus. With that being said, don’t go sitting behind a computer for 18 hours a day because though it may not cause harm to your fetus, I can promise you your eyes and back will be feeling it in the long run!

Pregnant…Can I Sleep On My Stomach???

PregPillowThis post is dedicated to one of my besties who is afraid to get pregnant because she won’t be able to sleep on her stomach!!! Well to answer this question, it all depends on how far along you are in your pregnancy. Earlier on in your pregnancy, your uterus is small and low enough that its below your pubic bone so even if you sleep on your stomach you won’t effect your little one.  As your uterus grows, the top of it slowly moves up above your pubic bone…that’s when you start feeling your bump. Then about halfway through your pregnancy, around the 20 week mark, your uterus will have moved up far enough to your bellybutton. But have no fear, your baby is still floating safely inside the amniotic fluid within your very strong muscular uterus. Generally, as your pregnancy moves farther along, it will become more uncomfortable for you to sleep on your stomach…so it’s not so much a matter of safety when it comes to your sleeping position, rather the importance of comfort.
Overall, it’s recommended that pregnant women sleep on their side, especially their left side. The reasoning behind this is because as your bump grows, when you lay on your back, the weight of your belly can put pressure on your large veins blocking adequate circulation of blood and nutrients to the placenta to feed your growing baby. The most important thing is to get comfortable. Many people recommend a pregnancy pillow so that you can wrap different parts of your body around it until you get comfy!
What’s your favorite pregnancy sleeping position?

Spa Day While Pregnant

spaWho would have thought that going to the spa could be harmful while you are preggers! We’ll not all things at the spa are harmful so just be careful what you chose to do. While pregnant, it’s important for you to relax and enjoy yourself, but remember to stay away from treatments that could potentially raise your body temperature. So that includes, but is not limited to, sauna or jacuzzi, a mud bath or hot springs, hot wax, body wraps, steam rooms, etc. As I’ve discussed before, it is extremely important to stay hydrated while you are pregnant, and unfortunately anything that increases your body heat can subsequently dehydrate you. Becoming dehydrated can have several consequences (discussed in Staying Hydrated While Pregnant), most severely leading to preterm labor or a miscarriage.
If you want a spa day, which we all deserve, stick with the facials, pregnancy massages and body scrubs. Just be careful with the facial or body scrub products. As your hormones change during your pregnancy, so does the sensitivity of your skin. It’s safest to try a little bit of the product on a small area of your body before you have it lathered all over. If you have a pregnancy massage, make sure to drink plenty of fluid before and after…this actually holds true for anytime you get a massage. Massages tend to help release the toxins in your body so you need extra fluid to help flush them out. What’s your favorite pregnancy spa activity?


TOMSOne of my close friends just told me she’s pregnant!!! Yay!!! I can’t wait to squeeze that little bundle of joy!!!! I wanted to get her something small as a congrats/baby’s first gift and I came across TOMS for infants! They are to die for and so mini! Both she and I love our TOMS…we always say they feel like you’re walking on butter (well maybe not, but its still a fun analogy). So I thought how fun would it be to buy her baby his/her first pair of Tom’s!?! I wanted to keep it neutral given they don’t know the sex of the baby yet.  The original canvas TOMS are offered in 6 colors (black, navy, ash, red, natural, and chocolate)…I thought as far as keeping it neutral, the red ones were the cutest for an infant! Aside from comfort, the thing I love the most about TOMS is their motto; “One for One”. With every pair you purchase, TOMS will give a new shoe to a child in need. So its a feel good, look good gift! These are the ones I got her!! Aren’t they so cute!!!! <3

Hospital Comfort on Your Delivery Day

hospitalcomfortDelivery day is here! Your hospital bag is packed and you’re ready to go! Unfortunately, many people forget some simple comfort things to take to the hospital. The essentials in your hospital bag will be discussed in another post, but don’t forget some important things that may not necessarily fit into your hospital bag.  Remember, hospitals are known for being clean, not comfortable. The average delivery will spend around two nights in the hospital, more if you have a c-section or complications, so you want to be comfortable! While in the hospital, your energy should be spent on resting and breast feeding. Don’t waste extra energy on getting comfortable. I recommend to all my patients to bring their favorite pillow (or two) to sleep with. It can also be used under your arms or behind your back while breast feeding after your little one is born. Trust me, hospital pillows are thin and hard; bring your favorite fluffy comfy pillow. Some may even opt to bring a blanket or two…considering the temperature regulation is always off in the hospital. Always remember not forget a spare set for your support system that will be spending these memorable night(s) with you at the hospital. You both will need all the rest you can get!

If you have already had a child, what are some things that made your delivery easier or you wish you had had?!?!

Prenatal Vitamins

gummyprenatalprenatalvitpillThe second you get pregnant, the first question your doctor will ask you is “when was your last period” and then he/she will ask you, “are you taking prenatal vitamins”? Hopefully you will have the right answer to both! Prenatal vitamins have the essential vitamins your body needs while pregnant, and most importantly, they contain folic acid. It has been shown that adequate levels of folic acid can help prevent neural tube defects in your unborn fetus. The good news is, folate (the natural version of folic acid) is found in a lot of foods we eat such as green leafy vegetables, oranges, legumes and beef liver. The bad new is that the amount of folate absorbed by your body is not always enough. Fortunately, supplemental forms (aka vitamins) of folic acid are well absorbed and vastly available.
There are hundreds of prenatal vitamin brands out there and thankfully in addition to the pill form, they can now be found as liquid or gummy tabs. Yes, I will admit, I am one of those peps that even at the age of 30,  I still choke on pills so I opt for anything in gummy form. No one brand is superior than the other as long as it has the appropriate amount of folic acid you need. Here are some guidelines to go by:
1. Most of you will fall into this category: For primary prevention in low risk pregnancy, you need 0.4 mg (or 400mcg) daily. It is recommended that you start supplementation one month prior to pregnancy, or as soon as you find out you are pregnant.
2. For women with a child previous affected with a neural tube defect, it is suggested to have 4mg per day, and beginning supplementation one month prior to getting pregnant and continuing through at least the first trimester.
3. For women with pregestational diabetes (that is diabetes diagnosed prior to becoming pregnant, or women taking valproate or carbamazapine, should take 4mg of folic acid daily starting one month prior to conception and continuing through at least the first trimester of pregnancy.
*Please do not use this supplement or any other supplements if you have ever experienced an allergic reaction after previously taking them. Please discuss any questions or concerns with your physician.

Jessica Simpson Pregnant Again…Too Soon?!?!?

Jessica-Simpson-Pregnant-Bikini-PicturesCongrats to Jessica and Eric on their second pregnancy!!! Their first bundle, Maxwell, is to die for. Can’t wait for their next baby. Jessica gave birth to her first child, Maxwell on May 1, 2012. Less than 7 months later, speculations about her second pregnancy were already on an uproar. Recently on her vacation to Hawaii, Jessica Simpson confirmed her pregnancy with an all bearing picture of her bump…a very large bump that is!!! Just from the picture, it looks like she is already 7 to 8 months along, however her body did not have the adequate recommended time to recover from her first pregnancy, so she could easily just be in the middle of her second trimester. In general, it is recommended to wait anywhere between 18-23 months after a pregnancy before conceiving again. Your body needs time to recuperate from the pregnancy, to replenish all of its nutrients and you need to adjust to being a new mom. Studies have shown that women are at higher risk of pregnancy related complications when they conceive less than six months after giving birth. Such complications include, but are not limited to a ruptured uterus or a premature or low-birth weight baby. However these complications are not set in stone. If you get pregnant quickly after giving birth, do not panic!!! You just need to make sure that your doctor keeps a close eye on you. There are risks with all pregnancies. Just make sure to get adequate medical attention and put you and your baby first! Jessica-SimpsonKID





Photo credits: Twitter, NY Daily News

New Years Resolution…Getting Healthy

chipsaladLike most people, one of my new years resolutions was to eat healthier. Unfortunately, I love to eat out!!! Everything just tastes so much better when someone else makes it, right?!?! With that being said, you have no control over what goes in your food when you eat out. So my solution is to take baby steps…with my lifestyle I cannot completely give up eating out so I am going to try to make healthier choices. For example, today for lunch I went to Chipotle. I love Chiptole because you get to choose what goes in your meal and all of their ingredients are fresh. I got the burrito bowl which allows me to cut out the tortilla and choose the ingredients that go inside basically my salad. I opted for brown rice over the white rice (smaller portion) for my carbohydrate portion, black beans and barbacoa (half of the portion size) for my protein and then loaded up on lettuce, corn salsa and pico de gallo salsa. I love to get guacamole and salsa on the side so I can add to my meal for taste. It’s a great replacement for salad dressing which can have a couple hundred calories in each serving.

I’ll keep you posted on healthy meal options as they come up. What are your healthy meal choices??? Please share them with all of us!!! Cheers to a healthy 2013!!