Happy Thanksgiving

Wishing everyone a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!!! I came across this creative way to get the kiddos to have some fruit in between all the mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie ;-)!!!

Stretch Marks!!!

Whether you are pregnant and rapidly stretching or simply experiencing a growth spurt (:-)), most of us have some stretch marks we wish would just disappear. Generally, stretch marks, called striae in the medical world, are really only of cosmetic concern. In rare cases it is an indication of an underlying disease. From a cosmetic standpoint, stretch marks happen when your skin stretches (obviously). The extent of your stretch marks can also be dependent on the color of your skin and even your genetic make-up…if your mom has lots of stretch marks, you may get them as well. On that note, even if your mom didn’t have them, you still might get some! Stretch marks come in different colors and depends on the base color of your skin. On some they initially start out pink or reddish while others have browner marks. The good news is, in general stretch marks tend to fade with time. The bad news is, as they fade, they may get lighter but can also get more deep into your skin.

The best way to get rid of those unwantly marks is to attack them as soon as they begin to appear. You are more likely to get rid of them if you begin to treat them while they are still fresh and in their reddish pink phase. Once they begin to fade and become more silvery, they also become more deep and are harder to treat. The best way to prevent developing stretch marks in the first place is to moisturize your skin. Skin moisturizers aka lotion acts to hydrate the skin so that it has more elasticity and stretches easier. Try using a lotion with cocoa or shea butter and lube up two to four times a day while you are in your actively expanding state (for most that starts in the 4th month of pregnancy until delivery)!

If your stretch marks are old and deep, you can take to more aggressive action, ranging from lotion and body peels, to microdermabrassion and even laser treatments.

In the earlier phase, while the stretch marks are first appearing, aside from lotion, you can also try wheat germ oil and/or vitamin C (500mg three times daily). Glycolic acid helps to increase collagen production, but you will need a dermatologist to get your hands on this one. Also, tretinoin cream helps to increase collagen and elastic production during the early stages, but you should AVOID them if you’re pregnant or nursing. Same holds true for glycolic acid plus retinoid creams. Anything with retinoic acid in pregnancy and lactation is bad.
If you have marks that will just not go away, you can consider microdermabrassion and laser treatment, but for these treatments you need a dermatologist.

Prevent those germs

washhandsWith flu season officially here, the best way to prevent transmission of germs is by washing your hands. Whether you’re pregnant, have a newborn, toddler or even a teen in the house, the easiest barrier to germs is hand washing. If you have a newborn in the house, don’t forget your newborn’s immune system is immature at birth and unfortunately that is the time that all of your family and friends want to meet your new bundle of joy. Make it routine for each new visitor to wash his/her hands before handling your baby. In fact, you should make it a habit in your household regardless of what age your family members are. Our hands touch hundreds of surfaces per day and with each interaction, we pick up thousands of germs. Those germs hang out on your hands and underneath your nails, then get spread to your face, mouth, and your kids when you touch them. The best way to prevent this is to wash your hands frequently. Ten seconds of washing your hands outweighs a week in bed with the flu or cold!

Note: if you have a newborn in the house, talk to your doctor about getting members of your family vaccinated against the flu. This can further help prevent transmission to your newborn.